Tips for Sports & Athletic Activities

Tips for Sports & Athletic Activities
Dr. Meaghan Hurne Tuesday, Jul 2nd, 2019 Image credit: bottomlayercz0 from Pixabay

Trying a new sport or athletic activity can be a great way to make friends, de-stress and increase physical activity. All important for holistic wellness. Here are some things to keep in mind to prevent injuries and make the new endeavor a healthy experience:

  1. Make sure your shoes/cleats are supportive. Your feet are your foundation. Supporting your feet can prevent many other bodily aches and pains, like hip, back, and neck.

  2. Remember to warm up and cool down. Muscles need a chance to become more pliable to decrease risk of injury.

  3. Find out which stretches are most important to your activity. Often aches come from muscle imbalances which can often be prevented by stretching.

  4. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Protein is super important for building up and maintaining muscles.

  5. Don’t overdo it! Know your limitations and work wisely toward your goals.

You may find that despite your best efforts, you have aches and pains you can’t shake or can’t improve despite your commitment to the routine. Chiropractic care can help identify joint restrictions and muscle imbalances and guide you toward wellness.


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