Gardening & Yard Work Safety

Gardening & Yard Work Safety
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10 Tips for Gardening & Yard Work Safety

Spring has finally arrived and many of us are preparing to enjoy our outdoor spaces. Here are some tips for gardening & yard work safety.

  • Wear supportive shoes - Your feet are your foundation, and if your feet are happy, it is much more natural to have good posture and ergonomics
  • If using equipment:
    • keep it close to your body, avoid leaning or stretching out your arms
    • switch sides/hands frequently, to keep your muscles balanced and sharing the load
    • use ergonomic equipment - lighter versions or ones with a bend in the handle to encourage good posture and use
    • use your body weight, not the strength of your arms or back
    • when lifting the equipment, bend your knees and lift with your legs
  • When gardening, stay close to your work - avoid leaning and reaching, you may need a knee pad to help maintain good posture
  • Stretch throughout and when you are finished
    • hamstrings - gentle toe touches, either while seated with legs stretched out in front of you, or while standing.
    • low back muscles - lean to each side with arms overhead
    • chest - open your arms wide with palms forward and reach back until you feel a light stretch
    • All stretches should be held 7-15 seconds and performed on both sides!

Even when you do your best, you may end up with more aches and pains than you hope to work through on your own, a Chiropractor can help you on your way to a quick recovery.

Be Well!

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